Almost all Digby Brown Royal Mail letters are sent via our outsourced post room (OPR). Laroque delivered automation and integration between our case management system, Exclaim and the outsourced post room systems for us in July 2017. The OPR integrates seamlessly with our existing business processes, is tremendously reliable, and saves us considerable time, effort, and money

Fraser Oliver, Chief Executive, Digby Brown LLP

We love that Sign&Send just works. In a few simple clicks you are done, no hassle with mucking around uploading documents or waiting for the software to work. It’s so much easier for us as a firm and much more convenient for clients

Kanchel White, Helix Law

Sign&Send saves time and money. It makes sending a letter as simple as pressing 'print'.

Douglas Simpson, Director, Health Law

As a multi award winning practice and one that has always looked to be an early adopter of new technologies, we are delighted with Sign&Send. At any time, let alone the crazy busy days we are currently experiencing, anything that can make my job and that of our team easier is a godsend. Having the facility to get sales mandates, T’s & C’s etc over to clients at the press of a button makes life easier for us, easier for our clients and allows us to start the marketing of property quicker than before. I have no hesitation in recommending Sign&Send to any busy agency looking to streamline procedures and accelerate the marketing process.

Keiran Newman, Senior Valuer, maloco + associates

With Sign&Send posting letters is very straightforward and hassle free. Collecting signatures from my clients online is very easy too. It’s all very simple and easy to use. I am happy to recommend Sign&Send.

Abubacarr Sillah, Director, Sillco Software