How much can you save me?

In addition to securing a quicker return on business (something difficult to quantify), eSignatures also remove the postage costs (x 2, outgoing envelope and Business Return Envelope (BRE)), paper, ink, and human time. The average cost to an employer for an employee to print, fold, envelope, and frank a letter is at least £0.72 per letter in addition to the cost of postage and materials. Even more so when a BRE is involved. eSignatures remove these overheads and offer a convenient, quick, and reliable way to collect client signatures.

How did we work this out? Contact us and we’ll send you our itemized breakdown.

How much does it cost?

There are no set up fees, expected throughput, minimum period of contract, and you can stop using the service at any time. You simply pay on a per item sent basis. There is a nominal licence fee which covers support and maintenance which starts at £3.99 per month for a single user licence. Contact us and we’ll give you an exact figure.


How does it work?

Sending a document for eSigning with Sign&Send couldn’t be easier. Our seamless integration with Microsoft Word TM means you can send a document for eSigning in just three clicks. Once set up, you simply:

Step 1: Click on the Sign&Send tab


Step 2: Click on the Sign&Send button


Step 3: Click on the SIGN & SEND button

Select 'eSign' from the dropdown list of postage options. Enter the name and email address of the person you would like to eSign the document and click on the SIGN & SEND button to send your document for eSignature collection. Your document will be sent to your recipient for online eSignature collection.


Is it safe and secure?

Sign&Send has GDPR compliance built in throughout its systems and confidentiality is contractually tied down. All data is secured through end-to-end 256-bit-encryption which is as secure as online banking.