What business sectors have you work with?

We have provided bespoke software solutions to a wide range of sectors including legal, accountancy, pharmaceutical, human resources, opticians, academia, and nationwide gas and electric companies.

What size of business do you work with?

Our team is committed to your success and to delivering bespoke solutions to streamline your business processes and embed efficiency. Whether you are a sole operator or an enterprise sized organisation, we will be able to offer a range of solutions based on your requirements.

What’s the process?

The process is simple. We simply ask you to contact us and then:

  1. Our team will arrange a meeting so we can better understand your business processes and where efficiencies can be achieved. Your goals and your experience are essential to this conversation. We can digitise your current working practices or create new ones.

  2. The knowledge gained from that conversation will feed into the creation of range of software solutions that we will present to you complete with timescales, price estimates, and estimated delivery time.

  3. Should you wish to proceed with one or more of the solutions, further specification will be carried out. This may require some additional information from you that will enable timescales, pricing, and delivery times to be confirmed. At this stage, we would ask for a 10% deposit.

  4. Our team of expert coders will create your bespoke software solution. They will integrate it into your work environment once completed. Our team will work closely with you on this and will be on hand to provide support and guidance throughout this process.

  5. Your business can now benefit from your bespoke software solution.

How do I get started?