How does letter checking work?

Sign&Send enables users to pass letters into checking with only a few clicks. You simply click on the ‘Letter Checking’ tab within the Sign&Send form, select the person within your organization that you would like to check the letter from a dropdown menu, and then click the ‘Pass for Checking’ button. Your saved document will close and your selected person will then receive a notification alerting them to the fact that they have a letter waiting for checking. Once they have checked the letter, they can either send it by clicking on the ‘Sign&Send’ button or, alternatively, pass the letter onto someone else for either sending or further checking. It is also possible to include a brief note about the letter prior to passing it into checking should you want to.

Can enclosed documents to the cover letter also be passed into checking?

Yes. When you pass a letter into checking all of your Sign&Send selections are saved and made visible to the person you choose to pass the letter onto. Such selections include delivery method, signature sign-off, and any enclosed documents.

What are the benefits of letter checking?

Typos and incorrect details can be easily picked up and amended prior to sending which helps improve the quality of communication between you and your clients and strengthen your professional brand. A clear letter checking process can also assist in GDPR compliance in demonstrating business processes that work to ensure that the correct data is going to the correct person.

How much does the letter checking service cost?

Sign&Send’s letter checking service is priced per user as follows:

Number of Employees

Monthly Cost

1-10 Employees£49.99
11-20 Employees£89.99
21-30 Employees£139.99
31+ EmployeesContact

How do I pay for the letter checking service?

Payment is by monthly Direct Debit and the amount will be added to your Sign&Send invoice. There is no minimum period of use and you can choose to stop using the service at any time.

How do I sign up for the letter checking service?

Simply email us at and we will set up the letter checking service for you.