Hybrid Mail – A Business Tool for the 21st Century

What is it?

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Hybrid Mail is a business solution that can significantly reduce your in-house costs while simultaneously boosting business productivity. Sound too good to be true? Almost! But rest assured, it’s true!

In its origins, hybrid mail was adopted by organizations sending out a large volume of letters. The key thinking was to save time and money by having someone else (usually a specialist printer) print, fold, and insert your letter into an envelope. The specialist printer could then offer a reduced price in postage due to the high volume of mail and, once printed, would enter the mail item into the postal stream. This was a game changer for a lot of big organizations. No more printer breakdowns or maintenance required. No more envelopes, paper, pre-printed letterheads, or postage required. They could now say ‘goodbye’ to high volume in-house printing! However, in the past there were often two major obstacles for SMEs wanting to use hybrid mail: volume and letter formatting.


There was an expectation that businesses using hybrid mail would send very high volumes of letters – often numbering thousands of letters a month. This criterion often excluded SMEs. In addition to that, there was often an expressed preference for mail-merge type mailouts. That is, where the same boilerplate letter text is sent to thousands of different addresses. While this might be useful for marketing purposes, it does not assist with the day-to-day, ad hoc letter sending of a business.

Letter formatting

The second obstacle to using hybrid mail was that printers often expected a finished, fully formatted PDF version of your ready-to-print letter. That is, that your letter should be a perfectly formed PDF which is then passed onto your printer. This often involved a number of technical challenges such as businesses having to place the recipient’s address block in the correct place to align with a windowed envelope and ensuring appropriate margins are maintained to accommodate company letterheads. Both of which require time and a certain level of technical knowledge from the SME.

Obstacles, Removed

Sign&Send removes both of these obstacles. All businesses, of any size, can now use hybrid mail. There is no minimum volume of letters that must be reached in order to use Sign&Send. Businesses can send one letter a month or one hundred thousand. And, importantly, these letters can be entirely bespoke in terms of address, content, sender, and any enclosed documents. You can even still do a traditional mail-merge of a boilerplate text if you wish for however many recipients you want.

Sign&Send also correctly formats your letter for you. The system will ensure that your recipient’s address block will always correctly align with windowed envelope and that your letterhead is correctly positioned. Before sending your letter, you simply click on the Sign&Send button in the MicrosoftTM Word ribbon and a preview of your reformatted letter appears. If you’re happy with it, you click again to send your letter for automatic printing, enveloping, and postage. In fact, it only takes three clicks to get your letter into the post and it costs up to 45% less than doing it in-house!

Hybrid Mail – A Business Tool for the 21st Century

Sign&Send enables you to send a letter to any UK address directly from your PC desktop or laptop – all you need is an internet connection. Remote working is now even further enhanced! Hybrid mail helps businesses bridge the digital-hard copy divide whilst reducing the need to have franking machines, printers, envelopes, paper, etc., in-house. We believe that the benefits of hybrid mail should be available to everyone regardless of company size. That’s why Sign&Send has worked hard to remove the two traditional obstacles to SMEs using hybrid mail – volume and letter formatting. As a result, any business, regardless of size or letter volume, can now benefit from it.

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By Sign&Send | April 14, 2021