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What is Sign&Send?

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How much can I save using Sign&Send?

Savings for posting letters with Sign&Send

% Saving

Second Class Royal Mail from 40%
First Class Royal Mail from 36%
Signed-For Special Delivery from 20%

Cost of collecting online Signature


eSign £0.59
eSign (Certified) £1.60
eSign (Certified + 2 factor) £1.60 (+£0.10 per signatory)

eSign (Certified + 2 factor) provides an extra level of security authentication for your documents. Your client will require a PIN code to access and sign the document. This PIN code is sent to their mobile phone.

eSign FAQs To download your free signature graphic: My signature

Additional savings include

  • reduced franking tariffs;

  • reduced printer lease hold costs;

  • reduction in office consumables;

  • no need to bulk print company letterheads;

  • reduction in underpaid franking mail penalties;

  • no need to sort outgoing mail;

  • increased staff productivity by automating outgoing mail.

  • When hidden costs are taken into consideration, we estimate the real saving for Signed-For Special Delivery to be in the region of 300% for an individual mail item. This figure takes into account the human cost of sending an employee to a Post Office to submit the mail item and receive the tracking number.