Posting a letter is now as easy as sending an email

Printing, folding, enveloping, franking. Let Sign&Send do all that for you. Send letters by first-class, second-class, and registered post directly from Microsoft™ Word. A few clicks and that’s it. Sign&Send also allows you to have documents signed online in a legally-binding way.

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Need a document signed quickly? No problem. You can choose from three different varieties of legally valid eSignature.

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What is Sign&Send?

Sign&Send allows you to click a letter directly from Microsoft Word™ into the Royal Mail. A few days later, your addressee will receive an actual paper letter in a windowed envelope, signed by you and set against your headed paper. Using Sign&Send is as easy as sending an email.

Simply click on the Sign&Send button in the Microsoft Word™ ribbon, select the delivery method (2nd Class, 1st Class, or Recorded Delivery) and click the Sign&Send button. Your signature and company letterhead will be added automatically to the letter (these will have been collected when you signed up). Your letter is then printed, enveloped, franked, and sent via Royal Mail to your intended recipient. When your letter has been successfully uploaded to the Sign&Send server, you will receive a PDF version of the letter as an email attachment.

Sign&Send allows you to outsource your post room, reducing your post-room related costs.

Sign&Send: Hybrid Mail and eSign Business Solutions

What other sending options are available with Sign&Send?

It is currently possible to send your letter by eSign, first class, second class, and Recorded Delivery post. However, more sending options will soon be available. These include:

  • Surface mail with an enclosed business return envelope (BRE).
  • Letter as PDF attachment which gives your recipient the impression of receiving a scanned version of the letter.
  • SendFile which allows you to send files that are too large for emails or too expensive by surface mail via a secured link.
  • Fax.
How much can I save using Sign&Send?

Using a baseline example of one mail package that contains 100gsm (x1) colour page sent in a C5 windowed envelope with standard Royal Mail postage (and factoring in the human time and cost), it would be possible to save as follows:

Cost Cost with Sign&Send % Saving
Second Class Royal Mail £1.65 £0.92 45%
First Class Royal Mail £1.84 £1.12 40%
Signed-For Special Delivery £3.24 £2.44 25%*


Additional savings include:

  • reduced franking tariffs;
  • reduced printer lease hold costs;
  • reduction in office consumables;
  • no need to bulk print company letterheads;
  • reduction in underpaid franking mail penalties;
  • no need to sort outgoing mail;
  • increased staff productivity by automating outgoing mail.

* When hidden costs are taken into consideration, we estimate the real saving for Signed-For Special Delivery to be in the region of 300% for an individual mail item. This figure takes into account the human cost of sending an employee to a Post Office to submit the mail item and receive the tracking number. It assumes that this process might involve your employee being away from their desk for 30 minutes to carry out this task. With Sign&Send, this process is automated and the tracking number is automatically emailed to you once assigned by Royal Mail. This time saving can help significantly boost your business productivity.

What do I need to do to begin using Sign&Send?

You simply provide us with your headed paper and signature, download and install our Microsoft Word™ plugin, and set up a Direct Debit mandate with us. You can then start using the service.

Signing Online with Sign&Send? How does that work?

Simply enclose the documents you would like your client to sign with your letter and choose ‘eSign’ as the sending method. Add your intended signatory’s email address and click OK.

Your signatory will receive an email giving a link to a PDF version of your letter and the documents you would like to have signed. Your client clicks the link to view and sign the documents online. When the documents have been signed, both you and your client receive identical PDF versions of the signed documents. You will also receive a digital audit trail which confirms the legal validity of your client’s signature.

How much does it cost to sign up to Sign&Send?

Nothing. There are no upfront fees and no minimum period of use. You only pay for the letters that you send and are free to stop using the service at any time.

Can I still use my company branding and logo?

Yes. Your company letterhead is automatically added to your outgoing mail and your company logo will appear in the window of the envelope. This helps maintain your brand identity and ensures that letters you send are instantly recognised as coming from your company.

Want to know more about eSignatures and their legal validity?

Feel free to browse our eSign FAQs or, alternatively, contact us.

Can I enclose additional documents to my Sign&Send letter?

Yes, additional documents can be added by simply attaching them to the letter much as you would attach a document to an email.

Is the service safe and secure?

Yes, the Sign&Send service uses the same online security as online banking and we encrypt all data to ensure client confidentiality.

How do I pay for Sign&Send?

An itemised invoice of each sent mail item is emailed to you each month and, a few days after that, payment is collected by Direct Debit. All transactions are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Is Sign&Send GDPR compliant?

With Sign&Send, GDPR compliance has been built in right from the start.

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