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What is Sign&Send?

It’s a Microsoft™ Word plugin. Once it’s installed:

  • posting a letter is as easy as sending an email
  • documents can be signed online in a legally binding way

We offer First Class and Second Class as well as three different varieties of eSignature. Need to send the same letter to multiple different addresses? Our bulk mail-merge solution is included as standard.

What some of our clients say...

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How much can I save using Sign&Send?

Savings for posting letters with Sign&Send

% Saving

Second Class Royal Mail from 40%
First Class Royal Mail from 36%

Cost of collecting online Signature


eSign £0.59
eSign (Certified) £1.60
eSign (Certified + 2 factor) £1.60 (+£0.10 per signatory)

eSign (Certified + 2 factor) provides an extra level of security authentication for your documents. Your client will require a PIN code to access and sign the document. This PIN code is sent to their mobile phone.

eSign FAQs To download your free signature graphic: My signature

Additional savings include

  • reduced franking tariffs;
  • reduced printer lease hold costs;
  • reduction in office consumables;
  • no need to bulk print company letterheads;
  • reduction in underpaid franking mail penalties;
  • no need to sort outgoing mail;
  • increased staff productivity by automating outgoing mail.
  • eSign (Certified + 2 factor): to access the document for signing, the signatory needs to input an access code which will have been sent to them by SMS text message.